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The Tenerife Tram reduces the prices of transport tickets.

Project Description

Metrotenerife, transport company of the Government of Tenerife, has been operating since Thursday, 1st September, with a discount of 50% on the fares of the transport tickets for regular users of the interurban public transport service. The discount will be coming into effect until 31st December and is implemented thanks to the Ministry of Transport of the Spanish Government.

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This state measure was born with the aim of responding to the economic and social consequences of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, and reducing Spain’s energy dependence with the promotion of the public transport. According to the commercial report carried out by Metrotenerife, the company is expected a variation in demand of more than 520,000 passengers on the tram service.

The discount of 50% will be implemented on the following monthly passes, both the ten+ card and the app ten+mobile: Canarian Resident, Insular Youth, Senior and People with Disabilities and on Bonus 5 Trips. Likewise, this discount will also be made in the validations of each trip of the tickets retire’ collectives (exclusive ten+ card) and people with disabilities. On the other hand, the Metropolitan Area Monthly and the Youth Weekly Pass are deleted as transport passes. Thus, the new fares with the discount of 50%, from 1st September to 31st December 2022, are:

Transport passes.

Project Details

  • Date 29 de August de 2022
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