Sustainable Projects
Technical Assistance Service
Removable insulating chamber for rail
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Sustainable Projects
Cartel "Asesoramiento en proyectos de movilidad sostenible", por Metrotenerife

Based on accumulated experience, fruit of the work of our 200 collaborators, and on the positive results obtained, that allow us to operate efficiently and sustainably (99.7% availability of service – a cost coverage ratio of over 100%), we offer a line of technical assistance for the various phases of an integral mobility plan:









Technical Assistance Service

Metrotenerife was founded to launch an alternative means of transport in the form of railway lines on the island of Tenerife. To do so:

  • We drew up and developed all necessary plans and studies for the design and actual execution of an effective and efficient Guided Transport network, and for the building of other facilities that would provide auxiliary services for the operation of the network.
  • We designed, built and put in motion the first two tram lines in the metropolitan area of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which contribute to alleviating traffic congestion, facilitate and meet the mobility needs of the population of Tenerife and of the millions of visitors to the island.
  • We drew up transport plans and projects for the execution of two high performance railway lines for Tenerife – 80 kilometres on the south side of the island and 40 kilometres on the north side, 13 interchanges and workshop and depot facilities.
  • We have operated and maintained Tramlines 1 and 2 (12.5 and 3.6 km respectively) since 2007, with a passenger load of 14 million passengers a year.
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Project management
Metropolitano de Tenerife, S.A. – Ctra. La Cuesta-Taco, 124 – 38108 La Laguna
Santa Cruz de Tenerife – Islas Canarias – España
Via-Movil, an integral ticketing system
Logo via-movilRecreación de dos móviles (iPhone y Android) con el logo de Via móvil en sus pantallas

Via-Movil is an integral ticketing system that unifies, by means of the user’s mobile telephone and without the need for a paper ticket, the purchase, validation and ticket control process, and which allows for a direct communication between the transport operator and passengers.

SIMOVE, “On-board Speed Monitoring System”

SIMOVE is a safety system that makes it possible to monitor and control the speed of its vehicles at all times and for each line section, with the aim to protect against over speeding. With an easy integration, this system has a BackOffice web application allowing incidents to be registered and analyzed, to improve the driving quality and to help the line maintenance.

Removable insulating chamber for rail
Esquema de piezas de la chaqueta aislante para carril

This product called `Removable insulating chamber for grooved rail´ has been designed and patented by Metrotenerife. This chambered system provides electrical and acoustic insulation that, due to its performance and geometrical design, enables the rail replacement in reduced time and without the need of demolition works neither rail fasteners replacement. In addition, this product has the value of environmental sustainability as it is manufactured with recycled tire rubber.

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Referencias por países
Mapa del mundo indicando los países en os que hay empresas colaboradoras
2020: Support for the rehabilitation of Tirana-Durres railway line and the construction of the new railway connection with the Tirana Airport.
2023: Modeling of the Central Bioceanic Railway Corridor.
2019: Consultancy for the structuration of the Regiotram de Occidente.
2018: Technical assistance in the pre-operation and three first year of Operation and Maintenance for the Tramway of Cuenca.
2014: Upgrade pre-feasability study for Cairo Lightrail.
2021: Preliminary project for operation and technical systems of Palma Tramway , Palma de Mallorca.

2018: Pre-operation and initial supervisión of the exploitation for the Tram-Train of Bahía de Cádiz.

2016: Pre-operation and comissioning of the Tram-Train of Bahía de Cádiz.

2016: Development, supply and maintenance of SIMOVE for the West Madrid Light Metro (MLO).

2014: Consultancy on the Management of the ticketing system at Zaragoza Tramway.

2014: Pre-operation of the Lines 1 and 2 of Metro de Málaga.

2011: Technical assistance for the training of the OCC Director of Saragossa Tramway

2011: Technical assistance and training in the fields of rolling stock and fixed installations and spare parts management of West Madrid Light Metro (MLO), Madrid.
2020: Training, consultancy and technical assistance in maintenance for the J-NET O&M.

2019: Project Management ”LRT Haifa-Nazareth”

2013: Consultancy for the JTMT in the J-NET.
2013: Training in Rolling-Stock maintenance and stock Management for the Rabat-Salé tramway.
2018: Feasibility and design of “Improvement of Lima-Chosica Railway Corridor” project.
United Kingdom
2020: SIMOVE trial at Manchester Metrolink.
2020: Rail traffic study for the axes: Dakar – Saint Louis; Dakar – Touba; Dakar – Kaolack; Dakar – Tambacounda, Rolling-stock required and Management of logistic platforms for the “Grands Trains du Senegal”.
2019: Review of the technical translation to Spanish of the World Bank Urban Rail Development Handbook.