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290.000 persons used the double trams service during the Carnival

February 20, 2018

Metrotenerife has finished its special plan of Carnival with similar results in comparison with last year. The double trams service transported to 290.000 passengers and on Friday 9th was the day of peak demand with more than 53.200 users. Besides the special plan of Metrotenerife developed without important incidents.

The demand growth a 4,82% during the Coso (day 13th) and a 3,4% on the Piñata Weekend (days 16th and 17th). Because of the weather conditions of the first Carnival Weekend, the users demand decreased in the night services around 4,5% and 7,5% in the Day Carnival.

On the other hand, the 18% passengers used the app ten+móvil and the 6% the card ten+ in the night services.

Moreover, approximately 70 employees of Metortenerife and the other outside companies worked to offer an efficient tram service.

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