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A new ticket for young people under 30 years

July 05, 2017

The president of Tenerife Island Government and Metrotenerife, Carlos Alonso; the Island director of Mobility, Miguel Becerra; and the managing directors of Metrotenerife and Titsa, Andrés Muñoz de Dios and Jacobo Kalitovics, presented a new public transport pass for young people under 30 years, who will be able to travel for 35 Euros per month all over the island on tram or by bus. The Island Government wants to adapt the services to the latest technology to make the public transport more easy to use and comfortable.

The new pass will work with the card ‘tenmás’ and the users will have to register on this external link, Tenmás will replace in September the current tickets.

Autoridades posan junto a la imagen promocional del Abono Joven.

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