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Around 370 pupils of La Laguna finished the program ‘Leemos en el tranvía’

June 12, 2018

Pupils of La Laguna received their diploma for taking part in the educational program ‘Leemos en el tranvía’ whose goal is promoting the reading and writing in the children.

The closing ceremony was held in the facilities of Metrotenerife and attended the Mobility Island director, Miguel Becerra; the Education director of the Canary Government, Ángel Miguel Recuenco; the councillor for Citizen Security of La Laguna, Jonathan Domínguez, and the manager-director of Metrotenerife, Andrés Muñoz de Dios. The schools Camino La Villa, El Ortigal, San Bartolomé de Tejina, San Benito and Santa Rosa de Lima were in this ceremony that was the performance of the music group Proyecto Patria Canaria.

‘Leemos en el tanvía’ is organized by Metrotenerife, the Local Government of La Laguna and Tenerife Island Government with the support of the Spanish Association of Reading and Writing. The pupils worked the stories and characters that later were read in public in the tram Line 1.

Autoridades y escolares en la zona de cocheras junto a un tranvía.

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