Double trams and 14 lines of buses enhance the mobility during Carnival

The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife will have a powerful offer of mobility and public transport during the public holidays. The double trams at night, the service of 14 bus lines and the establishment of five taxi stands there are some of the measures that the Island Government and the capital city council have activated for making the journeys to and from Santa Cruz reliable, comfortable and safe for all users.

The plan was presented by the mayor of the Santa Cruz city, José Manuel Bermúdez; the councilor of Public Services, Dámaso Arteaga; the councilor of Cultural Events, Gladis de León; the communication manager of Metrotenerife, Santiago Correa, and the head of Institutional Relations of Titsa, Ambrosio Hernández.

Autoridades del Ayuntamiento de Santa Cruz, Metrotenerife y Titsa en la rueda de prensa.

Bermúdez highlighted that “the most suitable thing to come to the Carnival is to do it in transport public, which is the easiest way to get to the centre of Santa Cruz, to have fun in our most international party and then return home also in a way safe. The plan prepared this year is carefully designed for that and there are also security measures that ensure that users make good use of public transport and travel in it in the best possible way”.

Gladis de León said that security is one of the flags of the Carnival of Santa Cruz “and it also involves reducing the risks involved in moving in vehicles owned. I greatly appreciate the efforts made by Titsa, Metrotenerife and the taxi cooperatives to promote mobility and present a transport offer public at the height of a party as multitudinous as ours”.

Santiago Correa explained that the tram operation “will not differ too much from that of previous years because the results have shown us that this system has been good for users and it works”.

Line 1 will count with double vehicles and frequencies every 10 minutes, in peak hours, and 12 or 15 minutes in the other schedules, during all the days and nights of the Carnival. La Paz stop will continue to be the station of origin and destiny of the line during night services of the tram and will also head the security operation, with the permanent presence of National Police officers. During the past Carnival, some 300,000 people chose the tram as their means of transportation for the round trips to the heart of the party.

Throughout the Day Carnival, on Sunday 11st and on Saturday 17th of
February, the double trams will have as final stop the Teatro Guimerá. The vehicles will operate, in the morning and afternoon, with 10 minutes frequency.

The La Paz stop will be, from 22:00 hours, the final station of the service, except on Friday 9th, whose schedule will be advanced at 06:00 pm on the occasion of the Parade.

A security plan will control the entry and exit of passengers in the La Paz stop. To avoid agglomerations on the platforms, it will have an enclosure perimeter, access control , supports with cancellers and QR codes for the validation of tickets for the app ten+móvil, as well as offices for the sale of tickets, equipment for reviewers and private security. While this operation is being carried out, it will remain outside of service Zurita Puente stop for security reasons.

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