Double trams during the whole day of ‘La Noche en Blanco’

Metrotenerife has scheduled a special service for the celebration of ‘La Noche en Blanco’, on Sunday 28th, in La Laguna. Line 1 will work with double trams, with a capacity of up 400 passengers each one, during 24 hours.

The frequency of this special service will be 9 minutes from 10:00 am on Saturday 28th up to 01:00 pm on Sunday 29th: Then, it will run every 15, 20 and 30 minutes.
More information on the social networks (Facebook /Twitter: @tranviatenerife) and on the Customer Service Centre 900 700 750.

Tranvía doble en circulación por La Laguna.

On the other hand, Titsa will also schedule urban special services toward La Laguna; to consult the external link,, and on Twitter @titsa.

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