Double trams services transported 290.000 users during Carnival

Metrotenerife finished its special services plan of Carnival 2017 with positive results. During eight days, double trams transported 289.246 users, that means a 1,23% (2016/285.742) increase of the demand over last year.

The demand growth was of 0,42% during the first part of the Carnival, from 24th Friday to 28th Tuesday, and of 2,67% in the last weekend.

Friday Carnival (24th) and Piñata Friday (3rd) were the days with more passengers, 54.345 and 44.128, respectively. Moreover, the last tram stop during night-time service, La Paz, had a 1,89% more of users (2016/31.258) and the app Vía-Móvil an increase of 41,07%.

Approximately 70 employees of Metrotenerife worked during the special services. No serious incident was reported during these days.

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