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Due to ‘Binter NigthRun’ race, tram services will run until the trams stop Teatro Guimerá

May 17, 2018

On the occasion of the night race ‘Binter NightRun’, the tram services will be affected. Metrotenerife must adapt the Line 1 on Saturday 19th in Santa Cruz because the start and finish of this sporting event will take place in the section of Bravo Murillo.

For that reason, the last tram stop of the line will be Teatro Guimerá, from 07:00 pm on Saturday to the end of the race, keeping the ordinary frequencies of the weekend. Thus, the trams stop Fundación and Intercambiador Santa Cruz will be out of service.

Following the indications of Santa Cruz Local Police, Line 1 will return to work along the whole route at 12:30 am. The users can get information on social media, Facebook and Twitter (@tranviatenerife).

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