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In August, the tram reaches its historic peak of year-on-year demand, more than 14,6 million of passengers

September 11, 2018

Metrotenerife closed August with new passenger volume records. The year-to-year demand achieved its historical high with a total of 14.603.815 users and with a growth of +7,38% of validations. The ten+móvil app, formerly called Vía-Móvil, has accumulated around 23 million of cancellations since its launch in 2013. Although the activity in the metropolitan area drops significantly in the summer months, the number of passengers has increased in August compared to the previous year. The tram has registered 892.744 users, a growth of +7,38%, that means 61.300 more validations . These positive results have allowed the tram service to reach its historic peak of year-on-year demand in the last 12 months.

Ten+móvil app

In the last trimester, there was also a progressive dominance of the ten+ card as a means of payment. At the end of August, 72% of the validations were made with the contactless system and 26% with the ten+móvil app. Since its launch in 2013, the mobile application has accumulated around 23 million of cancellations, of which 13 million have been made on the tram service. The ten+móvil app is available for free download directly from the App Store or Google Play platforms, for IOS or Android operating systems.

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