International prize for Metrotenerife

Metrotenerife has been awarded in the category of the Best Initiative of the Global Light Rail for its Speed Monitoring and Control Safety System (SIMOVE). These international prizes are organized by Mainspring, publishing company of the one of the most important magazines of the railway sector, Tranway & Urban Transit.

Carlos Alonso, the president of Tenerife Island Government and of Metrotenerife, highlighted that the prize recognizes the technological excellence of this public transport comfortable, accessible and safe. SIMOVE catched the attention of the jury because it is a safety plus. The system controls, continuously, the speed of tramway or railway, even can be activated in risk situations. Its adaptability and moderate cost were well appreciated by the jury.

Currently, the Tenerife Trams have this safety system and beside Metrotenerife is installing it in the fleet of Metro Ligero Oeste.

Diploma de Metrotenerife correspondiente a los Global Light Rail Awards.


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