Island Government awards the passable shops

The Tenerife Island Government has presented the results of the project ‘Pardela, itinerarios a la sombra del tranvía’ that analysed the mobility in Santa Cruz and La Laguna for the disabled people, taking advantage of the tramway as accessible public transport. The study identified 13 passable routes and 23 accessible shops.

The vice-president of Island Government, Efraín Medina, delivered the dealers the emblem that identifies their shops as accessible. He declared also that this project aim at turning into this type of businesses in an investment.

On the other hand, the manager-director of Metrotenerife, Andrés Muñoz de Dios, congratulated the dealers for the challenge to make their shops more accessible for all.

The results of the study can be consulted on the external link

Carlos Correa highlighted the collaboration of Metrotenerife for the maintenance of the sport program of ADEMI.

Autoridades de Cabildo, Metrotenerife, CoordiCanarias y comerciantes mostrando el distintivo comercio transitable.

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