Island Government promotes with Iberostar Tenerife the use of the public transport

The Island Government of Tenerife, in collaboration with the basket team Iberostar Tenerife, launches the message ‘Travel safe, travel on public transport’ to promote, in this case, the use of tram as transport that has the appropriate measures of protection against Covid-19.

Entrenador del Iberostar Tenerife en el tranvía. The initiative will be available through the social networks of the Island Government, Metrotenerife and Iberostar Tenerife.

The first vice-president of Island Government and president of Metrotenerife, Enrique Arriaga, thanked the participation of Iberostar Tenerife and highlighted that Metrotenerife takes prevention measures on trams and stops, which aim at ensuring the safety of the journeys.

Likewise, Félix Hernández, Iberostar Tenerife president, said that it is a pleasure to collaborate with all this kind of initiatives to promote the public transport with the corresponding sanitary measures.

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