Metrotenerife achieves a fourth place in the European Tramdriver Championship held in Berlin

Tenerife Tram achieved a fourth place in the last edition of the European Tramdriver Championship, organized by TRAM-EM in Berlin. In this competition participated a total of 27 teams from 17 European cities.

Candy Suárez y Pedro Herrera participated on behalf of Metrotenerife. With 2.750 points, Candy y Pedro got the fourth place ahead of Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Zurich or Praga. The Budapest team won this championship.

Equipo de Metrotenerife en el podium.

The sixth edition, in Tenerife

At the closing ceremony, the director of Berliner Verkerhrsbetriebe (BVG), Klaus-Dietrich Matschke, handed over the baton officially to the Metrotenerife managing director, Andrés Muñoz de Dios, because the next year, Tenerife is going to organize the sixth edition of the European Tramdriver Championship, concurring with the tenth anniversary of Tenerife Tram.

Andrés Muñoz de Dios recibe el testigo para organizar la próxima edición.

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