Metrotenerife and Atletas sin Fronteras collaborate in workshops to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities

Metrotenerife, transport company of the Island Government, collaborates with the association Atletas Sin Fronteras to promote the social inclusion of people with different capacities. Students from Santa Cruz and La Laguna will go into detail about the accessibility of the tram through inclusive workshops.

Enrique Arriaga, president of Metrotenerife, thanks “Atletas sin Fronteras to include the Tram in its program of 10 presentations in schools and high school of Santa Cruz and La Laguna highlighting the accessibility of this transport besides the normalization of its use by persons with disabilities “. In this regards, he stresses the importance of such awareness-raising activities among young people so that they know of the various realities as well as the need to work for social equality and full inclusion.

Autoridades de Metrotenerife y Atletas sin Fronteras en el Salón Noble del Cabildo de Tenerife.

The president of Atletas sin Fronteras, Juan Jesús Aguiar, values the collaboration of Metrotenerife “to bring the culture and values of our organization to the educational centers. Accessibility is everyone’s thing and that is what we intend to promote among students”.

For his part, the director of Mobility, José Alberto León, points out that “with this agreement we continue to weave a stable network of cooperation with our Social Responsibility Plan to improve the lives of the vulnerable groups on the island”.

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