Metrotenerife and Titsa organize a meeting for public transport companies in Spain

Metrotenerife and Interurban Transport of Tenerife (Titsa), public transport operators of the Island Government, have hosted the Communication and Institutional Relations Committee of the Association of Urban and Metropolitan Public Transport (ATUC). The meeting coincided with the commemorative events for the 15th Anniversary of the Tenerife Tram.

Asistentes a la Comisión de Comunicación de ATUC junto a un tranvía.

The president of Metrotenerife and Titsa, Enrique Arriaga, welcomed the participants and explained that “on this occasion Metrotenerife and Titsa are hosts of this sectoral commission that brought together 21 representatives of the main companies of public transport in the country. Attendees reflected on the new perspectives and trends in advertising campaigns, the role of communication in special events and the incidence of the pandemic at the communicative area”.

Apart from Metrotenerife and Titsa, the ATUC Commission counted with the participation of the companies Global and Buses Municipals of Gran Canaria, TMB Barcelona, Madrid’s Municipal Transport, Valencia’s Municipal Transport, Murcia Tram, Parla Tram, Moventis, Alsa, Avanza, Metro Ligero Oeste and Ferrocarrils of the Generalitat of Valencia.

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