Metrotenerife presents its the 100% electric fleet for auxiliary tasks

On the occasion of the celebration of the European Mobility Week, Metrotenerife, with the support of the Island Government, has received four 100% electric cars for general services. With these new vehicles, Tenerife tram reinforces its environmental commitment in all its activity.

The Metrotenerife president, Carlos Alonso; the island director of Development, Miguel Becerra; and the managing-director of Metrotenerife, Andrés Muñoz de Dios, among other authorities, presented these new cars, as well as, the rest of the electric fleet of the Tenerife Tram for maintenance and auxiliary services. In total Metrotenerife has eight vehicles 100% electric, five of them are vans. In addition, in this presentation the companies of the gardening and cleaning services of the Tenerife Tram, Urbaser and Clece, showed also part of their 100% electric fleet.

Autoridades posan delante de los vehículos eléctricos en la plaza del Cabildo de Tenerife.

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