Metrotenerife promotes the AECC the campaign ‘How can we help you?’ at tram stops

Metrotenerife, company of the Island Government, and the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) have presented the campaign How can we help you? at the tram stop Fundación. This campaign informs about the free services that this association offers to the cancer patients and relatives as well as the next charity collection on 12 May.

The president of Metrotenerife, Enrique Arriaga, points out that the “campaign can be seen in ten advertising sites along the tram stops network during a month thanks to the Social Responsibility Plan of the company. So, thousands of people will have the opportunity to know that AECC in Santa Cruz de Tenerife offers free psychological services, social counselling, physical therapy, and prevention or accompaniment for cancer patients and family members. The Tenerife Tram is a transport service but also is developing an important work of social awareness on several social realities”. Arriaga also stresses that with the launch of this campaign “Metrotenerife and AECC have ratified and renewed the partnership agreement that both maintained for years”.

The vice president of the Spanish Association Against Cancer in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, David Cova, emphasized that on May 12 the AECC resumes the day of charity collection that will be dedicated to research through different projects. He also thanked the Island Government and Metrotenerife for the support and facilities they have given to launch the campaign at the tram stops and Publiservic Canarias, for their collaboration in the design, printing and logistics of the posters.

The campaign of AECC ‘How can we help you?’ will also be on the social networks of the Tenerife Tram (Facebook, Twitter, Instragram @tranviatenerife).

Autoridades del Cabildo y de AECC en la parada Fundación junto al cartel de la campaña.

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