Metrotenerife receives the ‘Friendly with Alzheimer´s’ award

On World Alzheimer’s Day, the Noble Hall of the Town Hall hosted the presentation of the ‘Network of Alzheimer Friendly Environments’, led by the Association of carers, relatives and friends of people with dependence, Alzheimer’s and other dementias, Acufade. Its aim is to make visible the importance of human relationships and to facilitate and promote that people living with this disease or any other dementia, remain integrated into their environment as long as possible and in the best possible conditions. Acufade has worked with different entities that serve as pilot experience in this project. For this reason, the association awarded Metrotenerife, as well as Radio Ecca, La Matanza city council, Pharmacy El Castillo, Pharmacy Cuesta de la Villa, La Cueva Restaurant and El Cuervo Restaurant. This project of Acufade, that offers consultancy and training services, has the collaboration of Sinpromi and Prisma Psychology.

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