Metrotenerife will draw up the preliminary draft of the Palma de Mallorca tram

Metrotenerife, a company of the Island Government, has achieved the contract for the drawing up of the preliminary draft of exploitation and technical systems of the Palma de Mallorca tram. The Transport Consortium of that island chose the offer of the joint venture, formed by Metrotenerife and Saitec, and a cost over 116,000 Euros.

The vice-president and president of Metrotenerife, Enrique Arriaga, explained that the technical assistant will focus on defining the characteristic of the tram operation, commercial speeds, travel times or rolling stock, among other aspects. Likewise, Metrotenerife will include in the draft the possible implementation of its own devices such as SIMOVE, Vía-Móvil and the removable insulating chamber.

Fachada de la sede de Metrotenerife.

The technical offer of Metrotenerife and Saitec was more attractive than the rest of the bidders as highlighted the director of Mobility, José Alberto León, who also specified that the works will have a term of six months.

The international projection of Metrotenerife has been growing in recent years. Currently, the company is giving its consulting services in four continents.


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