On Monday 2nd Line 1 will work to the tram stop Teatro Guimerá during the celebration of the ‘Baile de Magos’ in Santa Cruz

Metrotenerife, transport company of the Island Government, will adapt the service of its Line 1 on the occasion of the ‘Baile de Magos’ in Santa Cruz on Monday 2nd. For that reason, from 07:00 pm, the trams will run only between the stops Teatro Guimerá-La Trinidad and so to ensure the safety of service and attendees to this traditional celebration. The Line 1 will finish its service at 12:00 am on Monday 2nd and will work again at 06:00 am on Tuesday 3rd with the normal frequencies.

            Enrique Arriaga, President of Metrotenerife, highlights that “the tram is an appropriate alternative of transport to go to the ‘Baile de Magos’ due to the nearness of the tram stop Teatro Guimerá to the party area: La Concepción, La Noria and Bravo Murillo”. He adds that from 07:00 pm on Monday 2nd to midnight the trams will run normally between La Laguna and Santa Cruz every 6, 12 and 15 minutes. The Line 1 will finish the service at midnight.

Tranvías en la zona de Cruz del Señor.

The Director of Mobility at the Government of Tenerife, José Alberto León, stresses that we must continue to protect ourselves against the coronavirus. In this sense, he points out that the use of the facemask is mandatory in the interior of public transport and also recommended at stops, if the safe distance is not possible to maintain.

           Users can find out about the tram service on Metrotenerife’s social networks, on Facebook and Twitter (@tranviatenerife).

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