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Pardela project identifies passable routes and accessible shops in the metropolitan area

December 15, 2016

The project ‘Pardela, itinerarios adaptados a la sombra del tranvía’ has finished the three phases of the study that has the goal to promote the mobility of the disabled people in Santa Cruz and La Laguna taking advantage of the tramway as accessible public transport. This project has been developed by CoordiCanarias and has received the support of the Island Government, Metrotenerife and Zona Comercial Tranvía.

The study identified 13 passable routes and 25 accessible shops. These results were presented in a press conference held at the Island Government.

Perspectiva lateral de asistentes y autoridades en la rueda de prensa celebrada en la Sala de Plenos del Cabildo de Tenerife.

The Government president, Carlos Alonso highlighted the initiative of CoordiCanarias promotes the accessibility in the metropolitan area and the Island Government is working in that direction from the launching the Tenerife tram and also with Titsa, because the public transport must respond to the demand of all users.

Pardela project has three phases. The first two analysed the accessibility the areas close to tram stops and the last, the accessible shops and passable routes were identified.

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