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Paris wins the 6th European Tramdriver Championship

June 04, 2017

Podium con los equipos ganadores.

Paris team has won the sixth edition of the European Tramdriver Championship, organized by Metrotenerife and Tram-Em in the city of Santa Cruz.

The president of Tenerife Island Government and Metrotenerife, Carlos Alonso, delivered the awards to the winners as well as Berlin, second position, and Frankfurt, third position. The awards for best male and female driver went to Karim Annough (Paris) and Franka Sonntag (Berlin). Metrotenerife team shared the eleventh position with Barcelona.

The Championship was the main event of the tenth anniversary of the Tenerife Tram. In this edition took place 23 teams of the countries of Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Irland, Norway, Switzerland, Netherland and Israel, as guest country. All the teams emphasized the great atmosphere of the competition and the organization of this international event.

Imagen grupal de los equipos participantes. At the awards ceremony, the president, Carlos Alonso, handed over the baton to Wolfgang Arnold, the managing director of Stuttgart tram; there will be the 7th Tram-Em on May.

Un tranvía realiza la prueba de juego de bolos.


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