Special tram service for La Noche en Blanco celebration

Metrotenerife has scheduled an special service with two trams connected and a higher Line 1 service frequency for La Noche en Blanco celebration.

Line 1 tram service will run every 9 minutes from 10:00 am on Saturday 6th to 03:00 am on Sunday 7th. From 03:00 to 04:00 hours, the frequency will be 15 minutes and after 4:00 hours there will be the ordinary frequency for weekend, every 30 minutes.

The Line 2 tram service is going to run with simple trams every 15 minutes.

In relation to Titsa, this bus company has scheduled special services towards La Laguna.

More information on www.metrotenerife.com, on the external link www.titsa.com, on Facebook and Twitter (@tranviatenerife, @titsa).

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