Special tram service for the celebration of Plenilunio Santa Cruz

Metropolitano of Tenerife has scheduled increase the frequency of the night service on Line 1 for the celebration of Plenilunio Santa Cruz. 

On Saturday 21st, trams are going to run every 10 minutes from 20:00 to 22:00 hours. Then, the frequency will be every 15 minutes until Sunday morning (03:00 am). The rest of the day, the Line 1 is going to run with its ordinary timetable.

Zona Comercial Tranvía, project created by Tenerife Insular Government and managed by Metropolitano, will take part in Plenilunio with a workshop of balloon modeling in the area of Plaza of the Chicharro from 17:00 hours until midnight.

More information about the special tram service on Facebook and Twitter (@tranviatenerife, @zctranvia).

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