Special Tram Services during Bourne’s filming

During Bourne’s filming, Teatro Guimerá tram stop is going to be the final tram stop of Line 1 in Santa Cruz. The tram stops, Intercambiador and Fundación, are going to be out of service from 6 pm until 7 am, the following days of September:

• Thursday 10
• Monday 14
• Tuesday 15
• Wednesday 16
• Monday 21
• Thursday 22

Tenerife Tram is going to run with its ordinary service in the rest of tram stops.

More information on:

  • Information offices (Intercambiador-La Trinidad)
  • Customer service, 900 700 750
  • Social networks, Facebook and Twitter (@tranviatenerife)
  • Information Screens and loudspeakers of tram stops
  • Information boards in tram stops

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