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Tenerife Tram celebrates 15 years of service with more than 200 million passengers

May 25, 2022

The Island Government and Metrotenerife commemorate a new anniversary of the Tenerife Tram. Next June 2nd turns 15 years of the entry in service of the Line 1 (2007) which, together with the Line 2 (2009), form a tramway network connected to the main health, educational, administrative and commercial centers of the metropolitan area. And these years the Tram has exceeded of the 200 million passengers transported.

The President of Metrotenerife, Enrique Arriaga, points out that “to commemorate this anniversary several activities have been scheduled such as an informative and photographic exhibition ‘Yesterday and today, 15 years connecting’ and the labelling of a tram. All these actions have the aim of thanking society for the fidelity shown to this transport and making them participants of this anniversary. There will also be gymkhanas, surprises for users and even the recording of a flashmob”.15 años en cifras

The director of Mobility, José Alberto León, explains that “since 2007 the Tram has transported more than 200 million passengers in about 2,020,000 commercial trips and 21 million kilometers travelled. Likewise, he adds that the construction of Line 1 and Line 2 was the culmination of a complex and complete urban renewal along their respective routes.

According to the latest commercial studies, Punctuality, Environment and Accessibility are some aspects most appreciated by passengers, who have always rated the tram service as remarkable. Precisely the Accessibility is the principal characteristic of the tram service in fact the Tram was the first that achieves the AENOR Universal Accessibility certification in 2011.

On the other hand, technological and engineering advances have placed Metrotenerife at the forefront of the guided transport sector. One of its latest innovations is the removable insulating chamber, which is already being marketed with the support of the multinational ArcelorMittal. Metrotenerife has an average staff of 200 professionals have known how to manage and position the company internationally in different areas.

Anuncio del 15º Aniversario del Tranvía de Tenerife.


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