Tenerife Tram receives an award from the UN for improving the mobility and the sustainability

The first vicepresident of the Island Government and president of Metrotenerife, Enrique Arriaga, informed that Tenerife Tram has received the second prize from the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE-ONU) for its contributions to improve the mobility and the sustainability. The ‘Building Back Better’ awards recognize international infrastructures that have positively transformed the lives of the citizens.

In the present edition, in which Metrotenerife was awarded second place, 31 projects of twenty countries were evaluated, and as Arriaga remarks, the Tenerife Tram was the only European initiative that reached the final. For that reason “we must be proud of the work developed and the high professional qualifications of our technicians in Metrotenerife. He also affirmed that the Tenerife Tram is a key element for the mobility in the Island because it is a sustainable, accessible and affordable transport.

Among the aspects that the jury has taken into account, the Tenerife Tram stands out as a public transport system that has improved the mobility of the population, collaborating in the reduction of private transport and therefore, the emission of polluting gases. Furthermore, it has created an important number of new jobs in the construction and operation phases. This project has improved the accessibility of the citizens by means of a sustainable and safe transport mode. The other candidates were: Bermuda with International Airport Redevelopment, Brazil with Nova Ceasa Market, China with Zhenjang Sponge City: Pei Peng, and Philippines with Caraga Regional Development Programme.

The jury’s decision for the ‘Building Back Better’ awards was announced during the V International Forum of Public-Private Associations, held in Switzerland. The first prize was awarded to the Nova Ceasa Market, a project in Brazil. In the coming weeks Metrotenerife will receive an acknowledgment letter from the United Nations and a certificate acknowledging their ranking.

Video, Metrotenerife candidacy Light Rail Train Line 1:  METROTENERIFE Light Rail Train Line 1.

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