Tenerife tram transported more than 285.000 users during Carnival

Metrotenerife has finished its special services of Carnival. For these days, double trams transported 285.742 users, that means a growth of the demand of 8,65% (+22.758 passengers) over last years.

The president of Tenerife Island Government and of Metrotenerife, Carlos Alonso, announced that “these special services have worked properly” and thanked “the Metrotenerife staff and the Police for their successful work”.

Night-time Carnival registered an increase of the demand of 5% and of 11,69% during the day-time Carnival.

The Carnival Friday (day 5th), with 53.090 users, and the Piñata Friday (day 12th), with 41.808 users, were the days with more demand.

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