Tenerife tram validates the contactless-ticketing system with the disabled associations

Metrotenerife is developing the project ‘Contactless-ticketing system’ with the technical advice of Sinpromi, ONCE, Queremos Movernos and Coordicanarias.
The contactless-ticketing will replace the current magnetic-strip ticketing system. The prototype of the first vending machine has been established recently in Las Mantecas tram stop.

Representantes de Metrotenerife y de los colecitvos de discapacidad en el prototipo de la máquina expendedora de billetaje sin contacto.

The project ‘Contactless-ticketing system’ has improvements such as:
• Vending machines will have sounding messages and Braille signage.
• It will be possible recharge and consult the balance of the tickets on the Internet.
• The height of the elements of this type of machines will comply with the accessibility regulations.
• Contactless-ticketing system will facilitate the use to the persons with reduced mobility (PMRs).

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