The Government of Tenerife activates the Island Emergency Plan for adverse climatic events

The Government of Tenerife has activated the PEIN, Island Emergency Plan due to the announcement of the Direction of Security and Emergencies of the Government of the Canary Islands about the declaration of maximum alert for rain, wind and storms with risk of flooding. This plan will be activated from 12.00 pm on Saturday 24 September and will be extended until Monday 26.

The PEIN will include protective measures such as the suspension of outdoor activities and recommends that the population avoid journeys on the road. About the public transport, Metrotenerife has been planned special preventive actions along the tram lines. The scuppers have been cleaned throughout the route of the tram and the drains of the tunnel areas. Besides the bilge pumps located in different sections of the route has been verified, and other auxiliary pumps have been prepared.

Protective elements have also been placed in the electrical substations distributed on the line and in other facilities, in order to the tram service runs without incidents apart from organising working groups during the weekend.

For its part, Titsa will reinforce the maintenance of infrastructures, with security personnel and service of crane and towing vehicles

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