The Government of Tenerife collaborates with the sale of passes of Lenovo Tenerife

The Government of Tenerife, through Metrotenerife, and Lenovo Tenerife collaborate, once again, to encourage public transport and advertise the campaign of passes sale of the basket club, With you makes sense, beside its initiatives and promotions in this new season of basketball.

Considering that agreement, the presidents of the Government of Tenerife and Lenovo Tenerife, Pedro Martin and Félix Hernández, as well as the president of Metrotenerife, Enrique Arriaga, and the other authorities of the Government of Tenerife have met at the tram stop, Fundación, to present the official image of the campaign that can already be seen on the tram network.

The president of the Government, Pedro Martín, explains that “this is a mutual initiative. It supports the basket team, but also promotes the public transport”.

The president of Metrotenerife, Enrique Arriaga, points out that “the commitment to this team has been solid from the beginning and so will continue because Lenovo Tenerife represents the quality sport in Tenerife”.

Autoridades del Cabildo Insular, Metrotenerife y del Club Baloncesto Canarias junto a la imagen de la campaña en una de las paradas del tranvía.

For his part, the president of Lenovo Tenerife, Félix Hernández, says that “thanks to this agreement there are passengers, who go to see the basketball games and that allows us to get even closer to society”.

Since 2012, Metrotenerife and Lenovo Tenerife have been collaborating on various actions and initiatives. On this occasion, the passes campaign, With you makes sense, is advertised during this September at 17 tram stops. In addition, Metrotenerife will support and cover it in its social networks, as well as the promotions and news of Lenovo Tenerife. On the other hand, the club will give up tickets in each game to Metrotenerife with the aim to draw them among its users and so encourage the use of public transport.

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