The Island Government promotes the use of the public transport network

Tenerife exceeds the Spanish average of the vehicles per resident. For that reason the Island Government promotes a mobility focused on the public transport and on the car sharing. These actions will be reinforced during the European Mobility Week, whose motto is ‘Sharing gets you further’. The aim is to raise citizens and government’s awareness of the negative consequences about the irrational use of the vehicles.

El presidente del Cabildo cancela con su tarjeta sin contacto 'tenmás' en una guagua de Titsa.

In the last few years the Island Government has activated several initiatives such as the HOV-bus lane on the North highway, modernization of the Titsa fleet; new transport tickets, etc.

During the European Mobility Week, the Island Institution will develop actions in collaboration with Metrotenerife, for example:

• Combined mobility, the tram travelers that use the bicycle parking on the La Trinidad tram stop will be rewarded.

• Fleet of electric vehicles, Metrotenerife and the Island Government will present the 100% fleet electric for maintenance and auxiliary task.

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