The Island Government will present to La Gallega neighbours the new alternatives of Line 2

The Island Government will meet with neighbours and businesses of Santa Cruz southwest to present them the new Line 2 tram alternatives. These alternatives are available on this link,

The president of the Island Government, Carlos Alonso, has also explained the solutions of parking. According the studies of Metrotenerife, there are five combinations of route for Hesperides Avenue and one route for Los Majuelos Avenue, all of them from Tincer tram stop.

Alternatives 1, 2 and 3 connect with Hesperides Avenue.
The 1 option finishes at the intersection of the avenues of Litre and Los Majuelos.

Plano de la alternativa 1 para la ampliación de la Línea 2.

The 2 option ends at the intersection of the avenues of Cercado Corazon and Los Majuelos.

Amp. Linea 2 Alternativa 2 Av. Hesperides

The 3 option finishes at Cercado Corazon Avenue.

Amp. Linea 2 Alternativa 3 Av. Hesperides

The 4 and 5 alternatives run for Las Loas Street and then connect with Hesperides Avenue. The option 4 ends in Cercado Corazon Avenue and the 5 option finishes in a new creation street near to La Gallega cemetery.

Amp. Linea 2 Alternativa 4 Av. Hesperides

Ampliacion Linea 2 Alternativa 5 Av. Hesperides

The alternative 6 connects with Los Majuelos Avenue until the zone of La Gallega.

Ampliacion Linea 2 Alternativa 6 Av. Majuelos

Areas of parking

Areas of parking
The Metrotenerife studies also show new solutions of parking in the zones of Los Majuelos Avenue, for example, combine a line of parking rotation and create several areas of parking in public ground near to this avenue.

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