The Tenerife tram travels with Benito Pérez Galdós

Through Metrotenerife the Government of the Canary Islands promotes the initiative ‘Canarias, la tierra de Galdós’ on the first Centenary of the death of the most universal Canarian writer. A vinyled tram with photographs of the time in addition to images and texts of the author will run the summer time. This vehicle has QR codes with the goal the users can download to their mobile devices some literary works such as: La novela en el tranvía (1871), Una industria que vive de la muerte (1866), Necrología de un Prototipo (1866), La mula y el buey (1876), Un viaje de impresiones (1864), Trafalgar (1973), Marianela (1878) and Electra (1901).

Autoridades junto al tranvía rotulado.

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