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The Tram activates the summer timetable on Friday 1st

June 30, 2022

Metrotenerife, transport company of the Government of Tenerife, activates on Friday 1st summer timetable in the tram service with the goal to adapt the transport offer to the demand.

The president of Metrotenerife, Enrique Arriaga, reports that “during the summer the activity in Santa Cruz and La Laguna descends considerably, and therefore we will adapt the frequencies of the tram service on working days. So, the Line 1 will run every 6 minutes and Line 2 every 12 minutes, from 07:00 am to 03.00 pm. The weekend service will have no modifications”.

Tranvía circulando en la rotonda Tres de Mayo.

There will be a new frequency adaptation from 12th July to 31st August. Line 1 will run every 7 minutes and every 14 minutes on Line 2, mainly.

Users can inform about the summer timetable on the Metrotenerife website,, and on their social networks, Facebook and Twitter (@tranviatenerife).

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