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The Wine House of Tenerife promotes the sector and the local products through the tram

December 10, 2020

The Wine House of Tenerife, company attached to the Island Government, has launched in Metrotenerife an advertising campaign to promote the wine sector and the zero-kilometre products that offers in its facilities (El Sauzal).

The Metrotenerife president, Enrique Arriaga, and the councillor of Agriculture, Javier Parrilla, presented on Intercambiador Santa Cruz stop this campaign labelled on one of the tram, which will run for two months. Arriaga expressed his satisfaction about the collaboration of Metrotenerife to enhance the Wine House and to help this sector that is having a hard time due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Wine House offers online sale of its zero-kilometre items and has a wine bar with more than 300 references.

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