Tram clients’ give a valuation of 8,02 out of 10

After 10 years of services, the Tenerife Tram maintains a highly valuation according the last Study of Demand (second semester of 2016). A total of 1.320 persons were interviewed for this survey, which has a confidence level of 95%.

Tram clients’ value with 8, 02 out of 10 the our service. The Punctuality, Frequency, Environmental work and Accessibility are the most appreciated indicators by the passengers.

Tranvía circulando en Tres de Mayo.

The user profile has not changed in compared with previous years. It is feminine, 60%; young, 69% of clients is less than 45 years; urban character, 91% of passengers live in the metropolitan area; and connected to social networks, 75%.

As regards Also the clients are very satisfied with the app Vía-Móvil. The demand keeps increasing and it already overcomes 30% of users, besides, the 99% recommends it.

Frequency of use

The clients’ loyalty is another notable aspect to the Study of Demand. The 40% of passengers, with car or with possibilities to use it, chooses the tram service. The average of weekly use is 4,39 trips and the daily is 2,29 trips. The main motives of journeys are to come back home (30%), to go to work (20%) or study (20%).


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