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Tram client’s give the service a valuation of 8,26 out of 10

January 19, 2018

Tenerife Tram finishes 2017 with a remarkable valuation by the users for sixth consecutive year. According the last Study of Demand (second semester of 2017), the tram gets a score of 8,26 out of 10.

Punctuality, with 8,75; Environmental, with 8,62; and Accessibility, with 8,56; are the most appreciated indicators by the passengers. The majority of 12 quality criteria improve the results with regard to the preceding report.

Frequency of use

The mobility behaviours of the tram users are similar to the last study. Close to 71% use the tram service at least 4 to 5 days a week and the average of weekly use is 4,5 trips and the daily is 2,26 trips.

The main reasons of journeys are for work (21%) and studies (20%). Besides, the 82% of passengers declare to reduce the use of the private car in favour of tram on the journeys.

The user profile maintains the same parameters: feminine, 59%; young, 69% of clients is less than 45 years, urban character, 91% passengers live in the metropolitan area; and whose occupation is student (34%) or self-employed (32%).

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