Tram service will run every 12 minutes during ‘Ven a Santa Cruz’

Metrotenerife has scheduled an special frequency on Line 1 service for the celebration of ‘Ven a Santa Cruz’. On Sunday 12nd, trams of the Line 1 will run every 12 minutes from 11:00 to 18:00 hours. The rest of the day, the Line 1 will work with its ordinary timetable.

On the other hand, Zona Comercial Tranvía, project created by Tenerife Insular Government and managed by Metrotenerife and Fundación Insular para la Formación, el Empleo y el Desarrollo Comercial (Fifede), will organise a fashion show in Plaza del Príncipe at 11:00 hours.

The fashion show will have the performances of the magician Malbert and the dance groups of Cristina Cardenas and Mary Carrillo.

More information about the special tram service on Facebook and Twitter (@tranviatenerife, @zctranvia), on and on the external link,

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