Two trams promote the ‘Tricontinental fair of Crafts ’organized by the Island Government

The economic vice-president of the Island Government, Efraín Medina, and the minister of External Service, Delia Herrera, have presented the image on the trams to advertise the 5th “Tricontinental Fair of Crafts’ of the Island Government. The exhibition will be held on the Recinto Ferial of Tenerife from 27th October to 4th November.

Two trams and the tram stops of La Paz and La Laguna will show the official image of this event that will feature the participation of craftsmen of Canary Island and from America, Europe and Africa.

Efraín Medina highlighted that Tenerife will be during these days, the centre of the three continents, and Delia Herrera said that this edition will add new countries such as Guinea Bissau, Gambia, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Cape Verde and Mauritania.

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