Vía-Móvil already works in the whole Island

Metrotenerife takes yet another step in the competitiveness of public transport with the implementation of Via-Movil all over the island. The system, which allows users to travel by means of their mobile telephone and has been in use since last year in the metropolitan area on both tramlines and bus services, has just been activated on the island’s entire public transport network after being expanded to include a large number of urban and interurban bus lines.

Island Via-Movil now offers six new types of monthly pass at a flat rate and each type is associated to a determined number of lines. Of these new passes, two can be used on the trams.

The president of the Tenerife Island Government, Carlos Alonso, and the island director for Mobility, Manuel Ortega, gave details of the initiative at an act at which the general managers of Metrotenerife and Titsa, Andres Muñoz de Dios and Jacobo Kalitovics, respectively were also present.

Carlos Alonso stated “with this step we are fulfilling our commitment to attend the longstanding demand of public transport users outside the metropolitan area for a monthly ticket that would enable them to make unlimited journeys for a fixed fare. This system of paying by means of a mobile telephone will allow unlimited travel by bus and tram for 30 days within the zones of each pass and, in many cases, could mean a saving of 50% on the normal fare.”

For his part, the general manager of Metrotenerife, Andres Muñoz de Dios, stressed that “our application was born with the aim of being extended throughout the island, of improving the competitiveness and innovation of public transport on the island, but above all, to bring public transport closer to people and facilitate its use. Now, with Island Via-Movil, citizens and tourists will only need their mobile telephone to travel all over the island comfortably, economically and safely.

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Island Via-Movil
The six new tickets allow the user to travel by bus and tram, depending on the ticket type, without limit on the number of journeys for 30 days from the first cancellation and means greater economic saving, it is also faster and more comfortable for the frequent public transport user. Island Via-Movil will work alongside the traditional paper ticket.

The price of each of the six new passes will depend on the public transport lines and route covered. The passes can be purchased by registering on the external website www.via-movil.es or by downloading the app from Appstore for iphone and Google Play Store for Android System telephones, more information at our customer service centre 900.700.751.

A Metrotenerife creation
Via-Movil is an innovative integral digital ticketing system developed by Metrotenerife and launched in 2013 on the tramway network, which reached its 1 millionth cancellation last October. In 2014 the application was implemented on the island’s bus company, Titsa’s urban bus lines, whilst work began on extending Via-Movil to the rest of the island. Some 260 frequent travellers took part in the first trial phase of Island Via-Movil, over 500 passes were used and more than 30,000 tram and bus journeys were validated, and Titsa drivers were trained in the use of the application and the resolution of incidents.

Via-Movil makes travelling easier for users by enabling them to purchase tickets wherever they may be and at any time, and by means of a secure payment gateway. The application is also advantageous for the operator, as the virtualisation of the ticketing system does not require actual paper tickets, special equipment or infrastructure (cancelling machines) on board the vehicles; it needs only QR code stickers for ticket validation. All in all, it is a modern, comfortable payment and validation system that has worked well in the metropolitan area and can now be used in the rest of the island.

Presentación del Vía-Móvil Insular en el Salón Noble del Cabildo


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