Vía-Móvil, candidate to the ‘Distincion Anual Alamys 2016

The Vía-Móvil app, created by Metrotenerife, has been nominated for the ‘Distincion Anual Alamys 2016’. With this award, Alamys recognizes the efficiency, community, innovation and environment policies developed by the associated transport operators. The principal members of Alamys will vote the finalist projects on October 24th in its annual congress.

Vía-Móvil system will compete with other initiatives, from of Ferrocarrils de la Generaltàt de Catalunya, Autoritat del Transport Metropolità de Barcelona, SBASE-Subterráneos de Buenos Aires (Argentina), Metro Santiago (Chile), Metro Medellín (Colombia), Metro Sao Paulo (Brasil) and Sistemas de Transporte Colectivo (Méjico).

Vía-Móvil is an innovative integral digital ticketing system launched in 2013 on the tramway network, and nowadays on the island buses. Currently, it reaches more than 8,5 million of cancellations and has 76.000 users. The innovation of this app is that it does not require special equipment on board the vehicles infrastructure (cancelling machines); it only needs QR code stickers for the ticket validation.

Usuaria cancelando bono a través de la aplicación Vía-Móvil.

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