Vía-Móvil rewards the 10 million client

The app Vía-Móvil, developed by Metrotenerife, reached the 10 million client on 16th November. The island director of Development, Miguel Becerra, and the directors of Metrotenerife and Titsa, Andrés Muñoz de Dios and Jacobo Kalitovics rewarded with an annual ticket to Margarita Moreno, the 10 million client.

She is a Vía-Móvil user from 2014 and every day she moves from Tegueste to Santa Cruz using the connection tram-bus. In the last thirty days, Vía-Móvil has gotten 577.000 validations and 2.250 new clients. Currently, this app has a total of 83.463 users.

Vía-Móvil can be download on the external website www.via-movil.es or from Appstore for Iphone and Google Play Store for Android telephones System.

Autoridades del Cabildo de Tenerife, Metrotenerife y Titsa posan junto la usuaria 10 millones de Vía-Móvil.

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