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Vía-Móvil rewards the one million user

October 22, 2014

The president of the Tenerife Insular Government and of Metropolitano, Carlos Alonso, has received the one million Vía-Móvil user, Salvador de la Cruz. This app allows to use the mobile to travel and validate by tram or bus. Alonso gave him a semester-long ticket. The insular manager of Mobility, Manuel Ortega, and the managing director of Metropolitano, Andrés Muñoz de Dios, were also present at this act.

Acto de recepción del usuario un millón de Vía-Móvil

After one year of his launched, the app Vía-Móvil has overcome the million travels by tram and bus. This new electronic ticketing system has been created by Metropolitano. Currently, around 30.000 users have accessed to the application to move at Santa Cruz and La Laguna. Besides, this application is being tested on intercity bus lines with flat-rate monthly tickets.

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