Zona Comercial Tranvía y ASECU organize the commercial initiative ‘Sábados en Familia. Fiesta de Verano’

Zona Comercial Tranvía (ZCT) and ASECU (Asociación Empresarial La Cuesta, Taco, Finca España y Los Majuelos) organize a new initiative called ‘Sábados en Familia. Fiesta de Verano´ this Saturday 13rd in La Cuesta, from 10:00 to 13:00 hours.

Zona Comercial Tranvía is a project created by Tenerife Island Government and developed by Fundación Insular para la Formación, Empleo y Desarrollo Comercial (Fifede) to promote the business of the metropolitan area in connection with the tram network. The economic-vicepresident of the Tenerife Island Government, Efraín Medina, indicated that this action is a bet to promote that approach people to the commercial zones where they lives. So, the economy improves and generates employment.

Free playground

From 10:00 to 13:00 hours in Tranvia’s square at La Cuesta, there will be a free playground with bouncy castles, wii zone, handycrafts workshops and a puppets performance .

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