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Tenerife Tram achieves the 100 million passengers.

Project Description

On Thursday 22nd, Tenerife Tram has achieved the 100 million passengers in seven and half years of service. Currently, the tram has a daily average of 50.000 passengers. In 2014 Metrotenerife reached the amount of 12.726.906 passengers, an increase of 2,15% over the previous year.

The trams service began to work in 2007. Each tram has run an average of 450.000 kilometers. The passenger’s profile is this: woman (59%), from 25 to 45 years (35%) and worker (25%). The tramstop with the highest demand is La Trinidad, 120.000 passengers per month. Besides, the highest demand day was January 5th of 2010 with 64.360 passengers.

From 2007 to 2014 Metrotenerife has achieve the AENOR Universal Accessibility certification; has developed SIMOVE, which allows to report in real time the tram speed in each section of the Line, to warn the driver if the maximum speed has been exceeded and, finally, to activate the emergency brake if the situation is not corrected; or Vía-Móvil, app that allows the passengers to travel and validate tram or bus tickets with the mobile, among other initiatives.

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  • Date 23 de January de 2015
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