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More than 6,000 residents reload their transport pass on the first day of discount

September 02, 2022

A total of 6,094 users of the public transport of the island reloaded on 1st September their monthly pass to travel in the buses of Titsa and in the tram, coinciding with the implementation of the discounts of fares ordered by the Government of Spain.

The vice president, Enrique Arriaga, explains that “the Resident pass has been the most demanded, with 3,143 reloading, 708% more than the sales registered on the same day last year, followed by the Youth pass, with 2,654 reloading and an increase of 360.8% over 1st September in 2021″.

He adds that the number of passengers who used a monthly pass to travel on public transport increased by 25%, which demonstrates the effectiveness of the measure and indicates that a transfer of users to the monthly passes with discount”.

In total, 36,353 tram users and 136,348 passengers were registered in Titsa on 1st September. These amounts represent an increase of approximately 10% compared to the number of users registered on the last day of August.

The Director of Mobility, José Alberto León, highlighted that the discount is exclusive to the usual travellers, which use the monthly Resident, Senior, Youth or people with disabilities or in the title of 5 trips.

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