Titsa and Metrotenerife apply the 1st September the discount on the fares transport

The public transport companies dependent on the Government of Tenerife, Titsa and Metrotenerife, apply the discount on fares ordered by the Government of Spain to encourage the use of public transport and as a help to families.The discount fare will be applied to regular users through the different monthly passes, and they must only renew their passes as usual.

The Vice President, Enrique Arriaga, explains that the Canary Resident Pass will cost 19 Euros per month and the Insular Youth, Senior and People with Disabilities passes will cost 15 Euros, while the Pass 5 tram trips (exclusive in the app ten+movil) will have a price of 2.50 Euros. For the social passes of retire and disabled persons (exclusive ten+ card), the discount will be made in the validations of each trip.

Arriaga adds that “in the Government of Tenerife we have a budget of 10 million Euros that we will allow maintaining the discount on 34% from 1 January”. An average of about 50,000 people use the public transport pass in Tenerife every month, and the Government of Tenerife estimates an increase in demand between 10 and 15% with this measure.

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