Traffic modifications at the crossing Carretera General del Rosario-Calle San José Obrero by tram works

Metrotenerife, company attached to Island Government and chaired by Enrique Arriaga, will carry out maintenance rail works near tram stop Taco from 21st to 25th of June. The tram service still runs with total normally during those works. There will be traffic modifications at the intersection Carretera Genera del Rosario-Calle San José Obrero.

The left lane of Carretera General del Rosario will be occupied as well as part of the lane Calle San José Obrero as stock area and safety zone for workers. Nevertheless, this crossing will be operational for traffic.

Cartel informativo de las obras de la Carretera General del Rosario

From late May Metrotenerife is replacing rails in different areas of the route to reduce the noises of the tram running, improve its comfort and make easy future maintenance works. The transport company apologies for any inconveniences that may be caused.

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